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Hi there!

Welcome to TrainworX.

My name is Paul Mersel. I specialize in building Swiss Trainsimulator Add-Ons slowly branching out into other countries like Germany and the Netherlands. I live in the Netherlands but decided to go for English as the main language on the site. I do speak fluent Dutch (obviously) and some German so you can communicate with me in all 3 languages. I am currently in the process of making translations into Dutch and German.

Please look around to see updates on projects, rolling stock, repaints, screenshots, videos, general information about Train Simulator and related subjects. I am a big fan of the Swiss railways and therefore most of my work is based on Swiss scenery and trains.

You can visit the WebshoP for Swiss engines and wagons, follow the menu above to read about the latest developments in NewS and various RepaintS which are FREE!

Donations are always very much appreciated if you download my free stuff.. (Use the Paypal link on the right)

Thanx for your visit and HAVE FUN!!!

Paul Mersel

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