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SBB freightwagons pack by ‘RedOctoberSUI’

Here you can download the SBB freightwagons 1 pack made by RedOctoberSUI.

These wagons come in various liveries and have scripted taillights and snow effect. For any questions about this pack please contact Lars by email (redoctobersui(at)gmail.com).

Contents of the pack:

SBB Habils
SBB Tagnpps
SBB Uacos
SBB Xas73
BLS Xas73

The download is a .zip file containing the .rwp which you can install using your Railworks Utilities program.

Provided under the GNU General Public License for software. Any parts of this pack may just be distributed and/or used in other assets after written consent of the owner.


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