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SBB Gotthardbahn Bundle for TS20XX (Pack A)

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Especially for use on Rivet Games’ Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic this is a bundle which contains some of the most seen traffic on the route during the years 1970-2010.

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Especially for use on Rivet Games’ Gotthardbahn Alpine Classic this is a bundle which contains some of the most seen traffic on the route during the years 1970-2012.

While traffic is now using the GBT (Gotthard Basis Tunnel) the route was one of the most iconic mountain routes of the world. To be able to relive the epic views and even drive this route yourself we have upgrades our Re 460, Re 420 and Re 620 trains to work flawlessly on this beautiful Rivet Games route.

This bundle contains:

Rolling Stock:

Normal price for all these add-ons when bought separately is: € 55,75.



[Re 10/10] Containers to Milan
With 25 Sgns container carriers you will drive a Re 10/10 from Erstfeld to Göschenen..GWG4f3af6ca
[Re460] IR Basel-Chiasso
Your SBB Re 460 engine has just arrived from Zuerich with a consist of EW IV international coaches. You have been tasked with driving this interregional express up to Goeschenen over the Gotthard Route..PAVSc4817a9d
[Re620] Freight train to Basel
Today you will drive a freight train with a Re 6/6 from Bellinzona to Airolo, where you will be relieved..GWG2ea00337
[Re620] Freight train to Zuerich
With a heavy load of tank and silo wagons you will drive a Re 6/6 from Goeschenen to Erstfeld..GWG6e0c2d26
[Re620] Breakdown Service
Traffic control have asked you to recover a train that has broken down on the stretch to Göschenen..PWG41aca243
[Re420] Maintenance of way train
Maintenance of way train to Erstfeld, drop off wagons along the way..GAVSdfc5b5t2
QD TwX NorthboundQuickdrive with Gotthardbundle AI trafficPME
QD TwX SouthboundQuickdrive with Gotthardbundle AI trafficPME

Scenarios will be available in EN, DE, FR (localisation) and NL (separate QD)

NOTE: This Bundle is also available as a Swiss Starter pack, bundled with Rivet Games’ Gotthardbahn Alpine and the TS2020 core game.


Swiss DLC for TS 20XX

4 reviews for SBB Gotthardbahn Bundle for TS20XX (Pack A)

  1. stefan.bls (verified owner)

    Gehört zu den besten gemachten Add-Ons!

    • Paul Mersel

      Vielmals dank! We do our best :-).

  2. Peter Chambers (verified owner)

    Do not hesitate to buy for one minute. This is one of several Trainworx products I have bought. They are without exception the most atmospheric and lifelike engines I have come across in either Train Simulator and Train Sim World. I have never driven one of these but they do feel exactly like locos I have driven in real life. The sound is superb both from the loco itself and also the track. The locos bounce and sway when reacting to the track and with headphones or good speaker offer a wonderful low rumble as they traverse the tracks. Mr. Mersel is a genius and seems to constantly upgrade where necessary.

    • Paul Mersel

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. It fills me with pride to be able to meet or exceed my customers expectations!!

  3. Roland (verified owner)

    This pack fixes the lack of rolling stock of the Rivet Games Gotthardbahn!
    It offers lots of versions of the Re420, Re620 and Re460, and has some wagons included.

    The Re420/620 are nicely modelled.
    They are really fun to drive. The Dot-Power method of adding/reducing power is challenging and different compared with other locos I have driven. It keeps you alert on the steep slopes of the Gotthard because you have to adjust your speed all the time.
    They sound OK to me although I don’t know how they sound in the real world.

    The Re460 is in the cab less crispy then the RG counterpart. It looks a bit fussy to me, probably by use of low resolution textures, so in my opinion that could be improved.
    It is driving well, and I think the sound is better then the RG one.

    The pack has some nice additional wagons included although the freeware versions are a bit MSTS style. Nevertheless they make good use on the Gotthard.

    All with all I can recommend this pack!
    It is good value for money. You get a lot for a reasonable price and it makes the Gotthardbahn route less boring and more attractive!

  4. simon.kuhn (verified owner)

    I was waiting for this add-on for so long! The Gotthardbahn is something so special, and you bring it to live on my computer – thank you so much! What about the following train, I would love to buy it from you: https://www.sbb.ch/de/bahnhof-services/im-zug/unsere-zuege/icn.html

    • Paul Mersel

      Hi Simon,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and enthusiasm! Fans like you are what makes it all worth while ;-). I have a lot of requests for the ICN (in various versions). Maybe in 2020….

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