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TS20XX | Taurus HKX (RSC ES64U2) repaint

Hi There,

Some people asked me if I could make the HKX repaints that I made for HRQ’s Taurus also available for RSC’s ES64U2. This was quite easily done and therefore now available!

You need RSC’s ES64U2 installed on your system for these repaints to work. The .zip file contains an .rwp file and an installation manual. You can download the repaint by using the link below:

Download the RSC ES64U2 HKX repaint pack here!

Download the RSC ES64U2 HKX repaint pack here!

If you like this repaint you are free to donate a small amount by clicking the button on the right. This way I can hopefully recover some of the expenses I make keeping this site up and buying add-ons 🙂 THANK YOU!

HKX Taurus ‘weathered’

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