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TS20XX | BR189 Hectorrail (DTG BR189) repaint


Another repaint from CreativeworX. The Hectorrail 441 series (BR189) in 2 versions; Cyborg and Croft. The repaint is based on DTG’s BR189 engine.

Hectorrail 441 (DTG BR189 repaint)

Hectorrail 441 (DTG BR189 repaint)

These 2 engines are operational in Sweden for freight only. The pack contains both engines with and without driver. Please download the repaint below. Make sure you have DTG’s BR189 pack 01 installed AND UNPACKED before installing this repaint.

UPDATE 24-5-2014: New version with patched front area and some other small changes. Re-install and overwrite when asked.

Download the BR185 Rush-Rail repaint pack here..

Download the BR189 Hectorrail repaintpack (update 8-6-2014) here..

This download is freeware. It is however a lot of work and I have to use expensive software to create these repaints. Please feel free to make a donation in order for me to keep sharing repaints with you.. THANX! You can donate via the link on the right of this page.

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Screenshot by Thomas Johansson

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