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ZVV HVZ-D (LION) for TS20XX (v1.1)

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Lua sccripting for custom functions Officially licensed product Expert controls (read manual) PantoArcing_256 WiperSpeed_256 CustomLights AWS_256 Original sound recordings used






This Add-On for Trainsimulator contains reproductions of this beautiful engine including cab and working controls. The latest version (V 4.0) is an upgrade to former versions to create full ZUB compatibility with Rivet Games’ Gotthardbahn. We also cleaned up some scripting parts fixed bugs and improved overall performance.


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As part of the LION project (“FaceLift, Integration, Optimization, ReconfiguratioN“), new double-decker rush hour “HVZ-D” (Hauptverkehrszeit-Doppelstockzug) relief trains were created with the new 2nd class double-deck coaches that were released by the new NDW. These consist of six or ten carriages and are coupled together with two converted Re 420 locomotives at each end. These trains have primarily replaced the previous RBe-540 services. In contrast to the DPZ compositions.

This Add-On for Trainsimulator contains reproductions of this beautiful engine including cab and working controls. These engines have full ZUB and Requested Stop compatibility with Rivet Games’ Routes.

ZZV HVZ-D (LION) Shuttle (Pendelzug) version 1.1:


  • Re 420 HVZ-D (autonumbers)
  • HVZ Doppelstockwagen B (autonumbers)
  • HVZ Doppelstockwagen AB (autonumbers)

Scenarios for Lake Constance Route (Rivet Games) and SBB1 Route (SImtrain) can be downloaded from the TwX Scenario page.

Special functions:

– Rivet Games compatible ZUB simulation (AWS/Speedlimits)

– Stufenschalter

– Wachsamkeitskontrolle (Swiss SIFA)

– Full wiper control

– Full pantograph control

– Customized lighting

– Real Re 420/HVZ-D sound

– Manoever mode (Shunting)

– Driver

– Pantograph arcing & snoweffects (Winter/Switchable)

This add-on is for advanced drivers.This is mainly due to the use of the stepswitch speed control and absence of Cruise Control.

Tutorials and Preview Videos




Please download an easy step-by-step quick guide and manual below:

Quick guides:  Quick Guide English (PDF) / Kurz Anleitung Deutsch (PDF)

Manuals:  English (PDF) / Deutsch (PDF)

NOTE: For Shuttle Operations (Pendelzug) the ZSS switch must be ON. This is NOT done automatically using the Autostart feature. This might not always be in line the manuals.


You can download scenarios for this engine from our Scenario Page


  • The controls differ from the controls in the Re 420 (V4.0)
  • Preferably use the included consists for your own scenarios. If you form your own consist please have both engines face front forward.

Having troubles? Look HERE first.

Update to V 1.1:

– Fixed ZUB issues (script)
– Sound tweaks (volumes, Cab vs Outside)
– Emergency braking now triggered by Red signals
– AWS (Standard signal warning system) active when ZUB not engaged
– Wagons interior lights changed to improve performance on slower systems and ‘resources-heavy’ routes like Zur-Olt.


Swiss DLC for TS 20XX

3 reviews for ZVV HVZ-D (LION) for TS20XX (v1.1)

  1. stefan.bls (verified owner)

    Her gibt es nichts auszusetzen: Die Ausführung des LION wurde ausgezeichnet hergestellt.

  2. stefan.bls (verified owner)

    Toll gemacht!

    • Paul Mersel (verified owner)


  3. Peter Chambers (verified owner)

    Do not hesitate to buy for one minute. This is one of several Trainworx products I have bought. They are without exception the most atmospheric and lifelike engines I have come across in either Train Simulator and Train Sim World. I have never driven one of these but they do feel exactly like locos I have driven in real life. The sound is superb both from the loco itself and also the track. The locos bounce and sway when reacting to the track and with headphones or good speaker offer a wonderful low rumble as they traverse the tracks. Mr. Mersel is a genius and seems to constantly upgrade where necessary.

    • Paul Mersel (verified owner)

      Thank you so much! This obviously made my day :-).

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