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SBB CFF FFS Ae 3/6 II pack by Wilbur Graphics (v2.0)

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Contents of this Pack (version 2.0):

This Add-On for Trainsimulator 2020 (TS19XX/20XX) contains reproductions of this beautiful engine including cab and working controls.The Ae 3/6 II pack includes Ae 3/6 II engines with a large variety of rolling stock, all made by Wilbur Graphics. The engines have a functional cab and are compatible with TS 2017-18-19-20.


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The Ae 3/6 II design was based on prototype locomotive Be 3/5, however with one transformer only. The series were built in four production blocks from 1923 to 1926 by the Schweizerische Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik (SLM) and the Maschinenfabriek Oerlikon (MFO). The single transformer construction resulted in an a-symmetric frame so that a 2-C-1 wheel arrangement had to be selected. The driving force of two traction motors is being transferred to two blind axles, which are connected to driving yokes. The latter drives the middle axe, that is linked to the other two driving axles by coupling rods.

The regulator type for controlling the traction force (step-switches with high-tension chokes) had been used earlier by MFO on an experimental base by some units of the Ce 6/8 series. Later on, the type was applied to all Ce 6/8 engines. The traction motors with a diameter of ca. 1,900 mm (6‘ 3“) and a weight of 10 long tons were the heaviest traction motors ever in SBB locos. From 1929 on the power distribution gear went through a number of modifications that enabled the maximum speed to be increased to 100 km/h, like other Swiss rod-driven types.

Engine no. 10439 was classified as a historical locomotive object in 1976.

Contents of this Pack:

This add-on includes 4 scenarios for which you need the following add-ons:


It is important to read the manual before operating this engine or any of its consists. Manuals are included in the package or you may download your manual below:

Manuals:  English (PDF) / Deutsch (PDF) / Nederlands (PDF)






Swiss DLC for TS 20XX

4 reviews for SBB CFF FFS Ae 3/6 II pack by Wilbur Graphics (v2.0)

  1. stefan.bls (verified owner)

    Der Lokführerstand finde ich zu künstlich dargestellt.
    Das Aussehen der Lok von aussen jedoch toll.

  2. stefan.bls (verified owner)

    Sound könnte etwas besser sein.

  3. Peter Chambers (verified owner)

    A joy to drive. Wonderful sound and controls. If you like older locos then you cannot do better. Everything I have from Trainworx is fabulous and brings the routes it runs on to life.

    • Paul Mersel (verified owner)

      Thank you so much!

  4. Peter Chambers (verified owner)

    Do not hesitate to buy for one minute. This is one of several Trainworx products I have bought. They are without exception the most atmospheric and lifelike engines I have come across in either Train Simulator and Train Sim World. I have never driven one of these but they do feel exactly like locos I have driven in real life. The sound is superb both from the loco itself and also the track. The locos bounce and sway when reacting to the track and with headphones or good speaker offer a wonderful low rumble as they traverse the tracks. Mr. Mersel is a genius and seems to constantly upgrade where necessary.

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