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Retro Canvas Route (NL) by Wilbur Graphics


The Retro Canvas Route has been built as a fictitious line of the Dutch National Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS), representing the years around 1990, with a strong bias towards driving pleasure, both for the eye and the mind. The infrastructure is characterised by concrete sleepers and colour light signals. Apart from some sidings all tracks have been fitted out with overhead lines. The surrounding landscape and city buildings will create a realistic impression.


Wilbur Graphics have been working hard to create a Dutch fictional route from scratch that is called the Retro Canvas Route (RCR). Retro, because the route will take you about 30 years back in time and Canvas, because the colourful Dutch landscape will be reminiscent to a painter’s canvas. With more than 20 various scenarios and 50 kms of track, the RCR will offer you many hours of driving fun.




The route comes with a variety of Dutch & EU rolling stock:

NS 1100, NS 1700, NS 2400, NS 200, NS 500

Volker Rail V100, SSN 23 023 met ex-DB A/Büm stam

DB International A/Bpmz – NS ICR A/B/DBpmz – CIWL F, R en PS

Fals , Fads, Glmhs, ZZw51, EDKtyp 6a, NS Gs, NS Sgns NS Slps, NS SSlmas53, SBB Gbs, SNCF Gas

Apart from Christrains rolling stock all necessary assets will be included.


The manual can be downloaded here: NLDEEN

Bugs / FAQ V1.0

  • (part of) bridges are missing – Solution: set scenery density to high (as mentioned in manual).
  • QD scenarios come up with error ‘missing NS1124’. Installer is updated (V1.1a).

RCR trailer

The Netherlands

Dutch DLC for TS2020


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