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AM843 / Serie317 Repaintpack for ChrisTrains NS 6400 (discontinued)


6 repaints for ChrisTrains NS6400 (latest version 2.1). The pack contains repaints for 5 AM 843’s (Switzerland) and 1 Serie 317 (Spain). These engines are somewhat different from the NS 6400 but look similar enough to create these repaints for it.

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This Product has been discontinued (10-06-2020).


Christrains has updated the 6400 pack which renders the repaints unusable.

We have plans to create a new repaint pack or maybe even a complete AM 843 build. We will keep you posted on this.


Christrains hat das 6400-Paket aktualisiert, wodurch die Repaints unbrauchbar werden.

Wir haben vor, ein neues Repaint-Paket oder vielleicht sogar einen kompletten AM 843-Build zu erstellen. Wir werden Sie darüber auf dem Laufenden halten.


Christrains / TrainworX