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TS20XX | HKX (HRQ Taurus) repaint pack

It’s finally ready! The HKX (Hamburg-Köln-Express) repaint pack!

I have updated the ES64U2 and added 036 to the already available 026. Also the Aqua and Beige Avmz coaches are in the pack as well.

Needed payware: HRQ’s Taurus Pack (latest version, donation-ware) and Andi_M’s Eurofimawagen (OBB and DB, freeware).

Please read the document in the .zip file for install requirements and more info. If you experience any problems please place a comment below this post.

UPDATE 17-02-2014: Repaint patched for latest HRQ Taurus update and changed 3 Panto’s to 2.

UPDATE 11-02-2015: Changed to latest HRQ update (10-2014). Please don’t forget to run the batch file as described in the installation manual.

Download the E189-ME146 cab conversions here..

Download the HKX Pack here..

See more pictures HERE

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ES64U2 HKX w Aqua Avmz's

ES64U2 HKX w Aqua Avmz’s

ES64U2 HKX w Beige Avmz's

ES64U2 HKX w Beige Avmz’s

ES64U2 HKX w Aqua Avmz's at Dusseldorf

ES64U2 HKX w Aqua Avmz’s at Dusseldorf

HKX at Dusseldorf

HKX at Dusseldorf